Document Security

Ever wonder if that important document is authentic and valid? 
With the solutions from Imbas Technology, document verification is at your fingertip - anytime, real-time, on any device.

Imbas U-Grad

Base module for the entire solutions. Imbas U-Grad provides a one-stop app for everything you need to manage your graduates - from viewing their records to printing their high security certificates.

Imbas P-Grad

P-Grad provides academic fund (i.e. scholarships) managers the ability to track the academic status of recipients. Everything now is only a click - or two - away.

Imbas Verify

Need to verify the authenticity and validity of academic certificates? Need to verify now? Imbas Verify provides real-time verification of academic certificates and graduate status on any device. And yes, it's FREE!


Have unique business needs to create highly secured documents that can be easily verified and authenticated on any device? We are happy to listen to your requirements. Talk to us.